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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mixing Business With Pleasure -- or at least Trying Not To

Well, this week of OkCupid adventures has certainly topped all expectations -- both of results and of my own ability to make poor choices. Here, dear readers, is the series of events exactly as they happened:

last Tuesday: I get a message from a guy who, in his words, doesn't like Jesus as much as I do, but does like pretty much every interest/hobby I have, and isn't looking for a relationship right now anyway. He's pleasant and witty enough, so I absentmindedly start chatting with him.

fast forward to Monday: We have been chatting for nearly a week, practically non-stop. I agree to go out with him for dinner on Friday.

: I need to hire someone to perform a service for an event at work. Every lead I follow is a dead end -- until I remember that Mr. OkCupid #4 has the necessary qualifications. So, I hire him. Yes, I hired him before I met actually met him. Poor Choice #1.

7:00 - The Sort-Of-Maybe-A-Date has been transformed partially into a Working Dinner, and now feels very much like a real date.

9:00 - After a predictably awkward but very pleasant evening, I am really kind of smitten -- smitten with an agnostic who, for all I know, could be one of those guys who finds chaste women to be alluring challenges. Poor Choice #2.

And now I have to keep seeing him for the next three weeks, regardless of the outcome. Well done, Disastress.

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