A funny, disastrous, Christian 20-something and her friends describe their funny, disastrous and sometimes not-so-Christian dates.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Friend's Fumble

Introducing a new guest blogger: Mr. Weatherman

I'm not good at dating. I over-think things. So, this one time I decided to NOT think and this that got me to the same place over-thinking usually does. I was "hanging out" with this girl I worked with at a summer camp. She was nice, cute, and fun. I liked her. I thought she maybe, kinda, sorta liked me, but wasn't sure and sure as hell wasn't going to do anything to find out. Then, one day, she called me. "Hey, I'm getting out of work at the Community Center near you. Wanna get a drink?" "Sure," I said and gave her directions to my place. I was thrilled. Girls didn't call me!? Ever!

At the same time my lovely roommates--three guys--had a brainstorm: "We need Dairy Queen!" Cool, they were gonna head out. Girl was going to come over and we were gonna go out. Great. So, the guys leave. I do a quick clean of the house. Girl comes over and I suggest this great place that, I totally forgot, was right near Dairy Queen. But what were the odds of my Three Amigos going there for a post Diary Queen beer!? Well, turns out it was 100% and as me and Girl (who, it seemed, tarted herself up a bit) walk in. I look at her and she says, "It's cool, I like these guys." Okay, fine. We join them and it's fine until one friend decides to, um, help the cause.

A few drinks in and such, there is a lull in the conversation and my buddy, Friend K, turns to Girl and says, "You should have sex with him." Stunned silence at the table. Like the entire bar went silent. I shot him a look of death while Friends M and J stared at their feet. I mean, they were looking through the hardwood table we were sitting at. Girl being the nice girl she was/is says, "what? I didn't hear that." My two other friends find a new topic and we move on. Needless to say it's all awkward after that.

Sometime later my friends decide to leave me and Girl alone and head out. She and I stayed at the bar for one last drink. It was awkward. Really awkward.

I then drive Girl back to her car at my place where we, well, stand awkwardly in my driveway. It was just awkward. Really, really awkward. She got in her car and went home. I called one of my friends and learned they were at another bar. So I went to join them. When I got to the table, Friend M asked, "So, what's going on with you and that Girl?" "Well," I said, "I'm here with you guys tonight, so...." He just smiled awkwardly and said, "yeah."