A funny, disastrous, Christian 20-something and her friends describe their funny, disastrous and sometimes not-so-Christian dates.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Disastrous Date #6, Renamed

Just before my date with GRE Words Guy this evening, a friend suggested that he needed a new nickname, along the alliterative lines of Vegan Virgin. Fortunately for her, I had one by the end of the evening:


And not this Glenn Gould (who admittedly had his allurements),

but rather this Glenn Gould:


In his defense, this evening's G-squared had none of the affectation or the pretension of the self-conceived darling-of-the-camera shown above. But he really does talk like that, and act like that. His e-mails and instant messages were not playful exhibitions of his intelligence. Oh, no. He really talks like that in real life. Like some strange amalgam of Data from Star Trek and Stephen Fry. He also wears a pocket watch and a tie pin, and apparently owns (but does not drive) a '52 Belvedere.

I was relieved to discover at the end of the evening that the pills he had been furtively taking from his wallet and popping were merely Lactaid -- apparently his aversion to chicken parm is so strong that he needed four within the course of 2 hours.

We did have some great conversations -- so much so that we had to leave the restaurant after settling the bill (I paid half, of course) and talk in the parking lot for 30 minutes. This is one of the most brilliant, most sincere, kindest people I have ever talked to. He is even a Christian, if not fervently so -- which frankly doesn't bother me one bit. (Dating other Christians, always a difficulty for me, has become a recent goal and is largely what prompted my OkCupid endeavors.) So WHY does he also have to be the oddest, most anachronistic person I've ever encountered??

I have dated some real weirdos in my time (some of whom are in the list at right), but I usually did not realize how strange they actually were until I had removed myself from the situation. This time, I knew immediately that Glenn Gould is not someone I could bring home to introduce to my parents, friends or anyone without having to shield him from their reactions. Not that that should matter, but it certainly doesn't help.


Carly Fowler said...

what happened? what happened???!!!! argh i need to know :-)

Andy Bernard said...

If you're all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me.