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Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Am What I Am, and that's why gay men love me.

One hour ago, I returned home from a blind date with a polite, kind, funny, and fairly intelligent young man. We ate a wonderful meal, had pretty decent conversations, and had fun seeing the movie Leatherheads. The guy obviously thinks I'm fun, funny, and fabulous. So why do I feel compelled to begin blogging about my disastrous dating life?

One thing I left out of the picture: this guy made most of my gay male friends seem like The Alpha Male. He was so painfully obviously homosexual that I didn't know what to do but pretend that there wasn't an elephant in our pseudoromantic living room. Having wasted romantic energy on homosexual men before, I am not inclined to see where this goes.

In future posts: How I met this guy, my hilarious history of dating disasters, and why I even bother with it at all.

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